Gennaio 22, 2015


Fabio Mastromatteo is preparing for a master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering. He is 25, he has been playing futsal for eleven years and he is passionate about craft beers. When he will be done with  university, he will go back to dedicating himself to Cliquer, a startup that was born during InnovAction Lab 2014.

Before doing InnLab I was lazy. Very lazy. InnovAction Lab taught me to push myself beyond the limit of my own laziness, to screw up my courage.

In five months I have learned how to reinterpret my life. The path at InnLab makes you wise up to your real priorities and helps you understand what secondary and unimportant things are.

During the course there are a thousand activities to finish in such a short time, that you don’t have a lot of time for your personal life. As a consequence, you start seeing things in a different way, and you discover what really matters. During the five months of InnLab, everybody discovers their priorities and makes a complete evaluation of their lives.

Moreover, you realized how much time you waste every day. That same time I used to waste before, I now use in a different way, studying or cultivating personal interests. The change is not sudden: you only realize it when you get to the end. But that’s when you do realize for sure!

My timing is now optimized, as well as the use of my psychophysical resources. I now plan my days with the aim to reduce the waste of time to the minimum. In order to keep up the pace though you have to be trained and ready or you run the risk of breaking down 😀

I am currently finishing my university, while at the same time I am working on my startup: Cliquer. Cliquer is an innovative fidelity program that allows customers to create highly aimed and personalized promotions; the launch project will be about the world of sports. As a matter of fact it is aimed at sports clubs, and then it will spread to any other field. It was born in a team of four guys who were drinking a beer at a bar in San Lorenzo, at the beginning of InnLab 14. In addition to me, there are Serena SforzaTommaso Gaburro and Margherita Scaglione. At the moment we are all busy finishing our master’s degrees, but we will soon take up from where we stopped. We have already been at the Startup Expo in 2014 and we are not going to stop.